our clients

ARIS-Intelligence puts its operational capabilities and its advice to the service of customers, private and institutional, African, Africa-based and international.

Located in Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria, we are able to intervene at short notice in all of all of the sub-Saharan Africa countries, and in the North, for the benefit of a diversified client base consisting of SMEs and multinationals:

Banking and financial sector

  • Banking groups
  • Donors
  • Private investment management and pension funds
  • Private wealth management

Economic and industrial sector

  • Energy & Mines
  • Agro-industry
  • Textile
  • Pharmaceutical & cosmetic
  • Luxury
  • Telecom & NTIC
  • Aerospace and automotive
  • OEMs
  • Transport & logistics
  • BTP

Service activities

  • Law firms
  • Certification and auditing
  • Insurance and reinsurance
  • Lobbying
  • Public relations
  • Communication

A commitment to results

On the basis of an initial briefing covered by a confidentiality clause, the systematic conduct of a preliminary feasibility study - preliminary research and internal reflections - allows us, if necessary, to commit ourselves on results, for clearly defined objectives and according to previously approved conditions.

Our researchers, analysts and project managers are then able to form teams to collect, remotely and on the ground, using methods and techniques that are discrete, efficient and legal, information of a high added value from multiple sources, both open and non open. Our powerful investigative techniques are based on an organizational and operational model based on the international best practices for inquiry and advice trades, adapted to the African context.

The information obtained is verified, dissected and analyzed according to in depth creative methods of analysis. The relevant conclusions obtained, allow us to make recommendations relevant to decision making and contribute to the implementation of strategies of development or advocacy.