our experience


• Market survey and due diligence

A North American investment fund wanted to grasp sustainable investment opportunities in companies located in West Africa, with high development potential regarding heavy industry sector.

The permanent presence of ARIS in the region, along with our extended capacities of commercial monitoring, access to reliable actualized and contextualized information led us to preselect three potential partners within three weeks. A discreet investigation then permitted to establish in ten days, the solidity and viability of the company, appreciate his real value on the market, but also the reputation, liability and integrity of the major leaders and shareholders. Thus our client was, with a clear awareness of calculated risks, able to early start fruitful negotiations with the company of his choice.

• Market study and mapping of key decision makers

A European industrial group active in sub-Saharan Africa wanted to extend his presence on the continent and diversify activities in some central Africa markets. In a less transparent environment, ARIS in four weeks identified actors, key factors of decision and influence potentially favorable or unfavorable to our client’s project. On the basis on these information and analysis, but also through a discreet support in the field, we were able to recommend and contribute to implement a target and effective negotiation strategy, which procured him a competitive advantage.


• Unfair competition

An African food-processing group was suspecting a competitor of unfair practices resulting in serious commercial and financial harm. A discreet and in-depth investigation allowed us in six weeks, to confirm his suspicions and unveil fraudulent practices regarding importation and illicit goods sale. Information and elements of evidence gathered, along with analysis and guidance provided to our client, allowed him to quickly and sustainably put an end to the damage, through the intervention of forces, legal actions towards the main actors and accomplices, add to mass communication and awareness campaign aimed at national authorities.

• Asset trace and debt recovery

In a West Africa English speaking country, a company, client of an African bank group pretended incapacity to pay back a debt worth of several millions euro. Our discreet investigations inside three African countries and two European countries have permitted within six weeks, to demonstrate that the said company has organized its insolvability. The investigations enabled us to locate and evaluate important real estate and financial possessions susceptible to be frozen and seized.

In another case, an international financial institution having massively invested in the repurchase of an African industrial group in difficulty, created a structure of defeasance to solve the problem of the debt. Our investigations permitted within two months, to locate, catalogue and recover many assets.