Swiftly identify and provide a competitive advantage for our clients


  • Specific and complementary studies of market and geographical sectors, diversification of activities, both qualitative and quantitative;
  • Advisory and technical assistance with implementation of winning strategies
  • Bespoke market penetration studies – including mapping analysis to identify key players and market factors;
  • Competitive intelligence: identification and analysis of strategies and synergies, to identify strengths and weaknesses;
  • On the ground, dynamic market Sector surveillance

 We appreciate and understand the competitive, pressurized international business environment where there is increasingly less time for key decision makers to operate effectively.

By know-how and discreet techniques, legal and ethical, we collect from multiple sources, human, documentary, technical and contemporary reliable information, which we consider in a comprehensive and contextualized manner and from which we draw well-argued conclusions and make recommendations so as to allow our clients to make well informed and balanced responsible decision(s) based on the business sector at any particular time.


Anticipation, comprehensive and contextualized assessment, prevention and reduction of risks in markets, opportunities and business projects

  • Due diligence (companies and individuals): background and reference checks, assessment of the reputational risk and brand name protection,integrity and compliance, professionalism, fraud and insolvency, non performance, etc.
  • Country and sector risk (field studies, practical recommendations and support in the implementation): analysis of risks political and electoral, legal and administrative, operational and transactional, non-compliance (responsibility of businesses, standards, regulations, locally regionally and internationally), health and safety, etc.
  • Proactive business continuity plans: audit and update documentation and internal procedures, implementation of crisis management, crisis management situation management cells, practical recommendations, etc.
  • Discreet business travel chaperoning, in difficult environments, including meet and greet and pre-visit feasibility studies.

Our specialism is the assessment, mitigation and reduction of risk to our client. Natural and inevitable corollary to opportunity, risk is never zero nor totally predictable. In our experience it is possible to identify in advance the many dimensions, to anticipate and to reduce the occurrence and severity. Compliance standards obligate operators and investors in Africa to comply with prudent and common prevention rules. A risky decision, in a complex multi-cultural environment, may bring a decision-maker to poorly validate an opportunity, appreciate the true value of a transaction, or establish the reliability and performance of a partner.

By proven and innovative methods of audit, analysis and modeling from independent first hand reliable sources, contextualized in the light of the business environment, we assess the risks in a global and systemic method to make concrete recommendations for local application, which we help to implement and update. Our extensive experience in international crises, in particularly on the African continent, as well as our internal international experience, have enabled us to develop original and adapted methodology of assessment and risk reduction, from the state of vulnerability to the materialization of a hazard in the areas of action of interest of our customers.

Investigations, discreet collection of legal information and evidence, help in the design and implementation of advocacy strategies, crisis management and business continuity.

  • Fraud and embezzlement theft, corruption and money-laundering, extortion, financing of terrorism, economic and financial crime, etc.
  • Unfair competition, illegal trade, smuggling;
  • Damage to image and reputation, industrial and intellectual property theft: counterfeiting, diversion of trademarks;
  • Intelligence and evidence gathering including - commercial and private litigation, liquidations and arbitration;
  • Debt recovery, asset tracing and insolvency
  • Crisis management, implementation of business continuity plans.
  • Dispute and informal resolution

Parallel to its development, the African continent knows a revival and new forms of economic and financial crime are faced by all business sectors the procedures and techniques used, which are fast becoming more and more sophisticated, have a strong and growing ability to impact upon all aspects of a business. These various forms of aggression cause businesses important economic and financial loss, damage to image and reputation, resulting in a reduction of confidence for investors to support their projects.

By proven discreet, legal and ethical innovative methods and operational techniques, we collect from multiple sources on the ground, human, documentary, technical information and evidence, is which both reliable and contemporary. Creative and efficient investigative and crime prevention methods allow us to analyse thoroughly and contextualize complex situations to draw well-argued conclusions, useful recommendations in the design and implementation of litigation support strategies.

Non-Corporate Intelligence (Collective/Societal/ Environmental)

In parallel with our Corporate Intelligence capacity, this additional pillar of investigative specialism may be of interest to the following:- Foundations, International Organizations, ‘Think Tanks’, NGO’s, Associations, and International Emergency medical supply Agencies/ emergency disaster reaction teams. We also are well placed to provide impartial advice on current Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) planning and strategies.

Non – Corporate Intelligence can apply to Human Beings, Animals, and the Environment.

Societal – Human Beings

    • Security/Safety, Terrorism/Counter terrorism intelligence, studies and assessments
    • Food security, Water sustainability
    • Socio economic studies and engineering, with contribution to and development of upstream projects and programmes. (CSR)
    • Transparency v’s Corruption
    • Child Exploitation.
    • Empowerment through Education/Health Awareness and Freedom of Choice
    • Freedom- economic/trade/ of movement
    • Economic tourism, Promotion of medical tourism
    • Advocacy for cause
    • Litigation support
    • Management of Media Strategy

Collective – Animals

  • Protection of and responsibility for natural resources
  • Recognition of Protection of natural environment
  • Identification of Illicit trade, mineral/vegetation/human and animal trafficking/exploitation.
  • Protection and Integrity of Food and Water Supplies (Contamination).

Environmental - Nature

  • Recognition of Protection of natural environment, fight against pollution
  • Climate change
  • Protection and Integrity of Food and Water Supplies (Contamination)
  • Competition in the Environment – research and studies
  • Identification of Illicit trade, mineral/vegetation/human and animal trafficking/exploitation.
  • Crisis Prevention and Management/ Natural catastrophe.