We have been established for more than 5 years, an innovative pan African company practising in Business Intelligence, Risk Management & Problem solving

Created in 2010 in West Africa, the private limited company ARIS - Advanced Research & Intelligence Services has a wealth of experience as a pan African company:

From Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria, ARIS intervenes in all country-markets of sub Saharan and North Africa to the benefit of local, regional and international operators and investors representing all sectors of economic, financial, institutional and industrial activity. Our permanent location on the continent derives from the recognition of the increased generation, albeit variable, of African economies, supported by our desire to directly support clients throughout the phases of their business development. It gives ARIS an intimate knowledge and a special understanding of the rhythm of business which is obtained from the realities of the terrain and knowledge and appreciation of local cultures.

In addition, ARIS has its own highly skilled human resources, consisting of highly qualified, mostly African personnel recruited and trained locally or from the Diaspora, as well as international staff, with strong professional and personal experience in various African countries. Thus, the company maintains and continuously develops an extended and diversified network of contacts and sources in the spheres of public, private and civil society on the continent. ARIS maintains a high geographic mobility allowing for a high level of reactivity.

A team of specialists

Jean-Michel LAVOIZARD, CEO and co-founder of ARIS-Intelligence, is an expert in business intelligence, and providing help with decision making to deal with crises. A Former officer of the French Special Forces with extensive African experience, he considers it crucial in the current dynamics of development of the continent, in developing a company dedicated to the collection, gathering and processing of information, advisory guidance and decision making process through to the provision of strategy implementation and structured intelligence reports.

The ARIS-Intelligence team brings together disciplines that include multicultural, multidisciplinary and international and local human resources, enhanced by highly qualified and experienced staff. In addition to the extensive fluency in multiple, local and international languages, the company has expertise in economics, finance, law, sociology, fraud investigation, analysis and risk prevention, operational intelligence, journalism, cyber-crime investigation and intelligence, research of the open-source multimedia and mapping of networks through graphic illustration.